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How to survive separation from a family due to the closure of the borders

How to survive separation from a family due to the closure of the borders

The conditions of universal quarantine made significant adjustments to the life of each of us. Someone “goes crazy” from the need to spend the clock at home with his family around the clock, and someone, on the contrary, was in connection with the closure of the borders at a great distance from loved ones. About how the least painfully surviving this difficult period of forced separation, says a hypnotherapist Alexander Podgorny.

Remember: “It will pass this too”

Separation from loved ones and circumstances that have become the cause can cause a whole range of negative experiences: anxiety, anger, despair, and so on. To stabilize your psycho -emotional state, it is necessary to realize two things with complete clarity.

Firstly, your forced parting is temporary, which means that everything will return to its own circles, and you should not catastrophy of the situation. Secondly, ask yourself if you can change something. The answer is obvious: to influence the circumstances is not in your power. Therefore, you should not “wind up” yourself with an endless play of negative thoughts that do not carry any solution.

The most wise strategy in this case is the adoption, calm and clear perception of what is happening, without resistance and anger.

stay in touch

Perhaps the best way to survive separation is regular communication. Maintain contact with loved ones in all available formats: call the phone, correspond in messengers, arrange “dates” in Skype so that you have the opportunity not only to hear, but also to see each other.

Diversify communication in chats with finds from the network: interesting videos and funny memes, you like songs and articles. In addition to episodic communication during the day, agree on an early tradition of “meeting” https://cceschoharie.org/esclavage-sexuel-consensuel-ou-force/ at about the same time for a longer conversation in order to exchange impressions and tell each other about the events of the past day. Let this become a pleasant and long -awaited reward for all of you after daytime worries.

Do not skimp on affectionate words

Когда нас разделяют большие расстояния и мы полностью лишены тактильного контакта с близким человеком, мы можем ощущать острую нехватку физических проявлений нежности и ласки. The bodily expressions of love and attachment cannot be fully replaced by anything else. Words cannot fully compensate for the absence of touch, but the verbal expression of tenderness can become a valuable part of communication during separation.

Do not skimp on pleasant epithets addressed to loved ones, use affectionate nicknames, talk about your feelings, make compliments, start and finish the day with the wishes of good morning and good night.

Provide the “effect of presence”

Let me become a witness to your daily life, so that he feels closer to you. Send photos and videos of what is happening to you during the day: here the cherry was bloomed under the window, so you prepared pancakes for breakfast, but the children rush around the house in impromptu costumes of superheroes. All these cozy, home little things will create the effect of your presence in the life of the one who is now far.

And agree to do something in parallel: for example, get down to the “joint” viewing of a pre-selected film at the same time, and then exchange impressions.

Let yourself dream

Pandemia, quarantine, separation – all this will end, so why not dream about how much good all you are awaiting after? Discuss general plans and desires: what restaurants, shops and theaters first go, where will you go on vacation, in what color you repain the walls in the living room ..

And it doesn’t matter how soon it will be possible to realize all this: the main thing is the realization that the way, as it is now, is not forever, and there are many beautiful days ahead of you.

Switch the focus

Hiding on suffering due to separation, you only exacerbate the situation. The expectation of reunion will pass less painfully if you allow yourself to live as a full and interesting life as possible in the proposed circumstances.

If you have an excess of free time, take yourself pleasant and useful activities: find a hobby to your liking, use the online lessons of foreign languages, learn to cook new dishes, include home training in the daily routine. All this will not only allow you to transfer separation, but will also give your loved ones another reason to be proud and admire you.

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