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Could there be People Separation & Like Triangle?

Could there be People Separation & Like Triangle?

Could there be People Separation & Like Triangle?

On 6th tribulation from Episode thirty two so you can Episode 37, Chu Kong goes toward this new Secret Forest that’s populated slaver kvinnor online from the new Demon Clan. Their point is to get the brand new Efforts of your own Demon Leaders for the reason that it perform permit your to go into new Gap so you can access Cang Hai’s powers. With his energy, they will certainly upcoming have the ability to challenge Hao Xuan. Xiang Yun employs Chu Kong in order to Puzzle Tree. Chu Kong pretends not to know Xiang Yun initially manageable to save their own safe. Even so they need interact fundamentally to keep their identities a key and you will get to the aim.

When Hao Xuan learns that Xiang Yun are Cang Hai in Episode 36, he symptoms Secret Forest. Xiang Yun surrenders and agrees to follow Hao Xuan back into brand new Heaven World to avoid a battle that will produce a lot of fatalities. Chu Kong is able to retrieve Cang Hai’s vitality throughout the Gap and you will output for the Eden World to keep Xiang Yun into the Event 37.

It satisfy Zi Hui around when he is actually working for Hao Xuan to help him to get cores of great demons and you will stimulate a formation. Hao Xuan’s bundle is always to absorb the fresh new vitality of the cores that following enable him to handle the brand new demon pushes when you look at the new Mystery Tree. Zi Hui try obligated to do it as he needs the latest antidote away from Hao Xuan to store Jin Luo.

Whenever Did The fresh Leads Hook up?

Xiang Yun seems to have dropped having Chu Kong once its next tribulation in the Occurrence 13 but reminds by herself it is all just a good tribulation in their eyes. Chu Kong seems highly to have Xiang Yun just after the 3rd tribulation and you may asks their exactly how she feels toward him at the end out-of Occurrence 21. The guy wishes their own to think regarding it just before offering your an answer but she kisses your responding.

The happy couple starts relationship during the Occurrence twenty two. Chu Kong reassures her that he would never give up their unique to help you nourish their fundamental spirit after she known his conversation to your Eden Emperor.

As for the like triangle, Xiu Ming has thinking to possess Cang Hai however, she makes they clear to him one she merely relationship your since the good sister inside the Occurrence 30. He understands she is crazy about Chu Kong which will be recognizing of its relationships inside the Occurrence 29. Xiu Ming following decides to understand the exterior business once getting during the Mo Luo Divine Clan getting such a long time it is up coming told by Hao Xuan you to definitely Cang Hai features became demonic and you can slain because of the Chu Kong within the Event 31.

During the Occurrence 38, Xiu Ming feelings to possess Xiang Yun/Cang Hai keeps transcended personal notions. She is today members of the family in order to your and you will supportive of their particular decision to search for Chu Kong and you will realize her very own contentment.

Xiu Ming’s Record

In the good flashback from inside the Occurrence thirteen, Xiu Ming was told by the Eden Emperor one Cang Hai turned demonic and you may destroyed his Di Xiu Divine Clan. Chu Kong forfeited 1 / 2 of his importante spirit in order to shed Cang Hai on Gap. The girl Xiu Ming has been pining for all along is actually Cang Hai and he understands Xiang Yun was their particular reincarnation. Cang Hai was actually form so you can your in earlier times and provided him a jade relic with an excellent sliver out-of their capacity to nourish their weakened primordial soul upcoming.

Into the Episode 21, Chu Kong’s data implies that Xiu Ming was sent to Mo Luo Divine Clan given that a beneficial hostage prince as he are young and you may weakened. Xiu Ming returned on Eden Domain immediately following Cang Hai was beaten 29,000 years back and also the Mo Luo Divine Clan fell. The guy acknowledges they whenever Chu Kong face him over it but claims you to definitely Cang Hai isn’t evil and you can vows to guard her in the event that she efficiency. Xiu Ming are secretly using up their esencial soul growing a soul Smashing Arrow for the purpose.

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