We are Manufacturers & Exporters of: Hand Embroidered Products all German WWI & WWII Militaria Reproductions, Items, BeVo Breast Eagle, BeVo Cuff Titles, World War Uniforms, Officer Coller tabs, BeVo coller tabs, Woven Items, Badges, Air Force Badges, Police Badges, Coat of Arms, Patches, K9 Patches, Peak Embroidery, Blazer Badges, Bannerett, Hand Made Flags, Machine Sewn Flags, Pendants, Masonic Aprons, Printed Flags, Caps, Hats, Barest, Cap Badges, Wing Badges, Boots, Leather Kilts, Ffings, Tassels, Squardon Badges, Scourt Badges, Scottish Clan Badges, Metal Badges, Metal Buttons, T-Shirts, Key Rings, Uniform Accessories, Shoulder Cords, Braid Sress Cords, Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Slides, Shoulder Eppulates.
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Name of Company MW King Embroidery
Propriter Mr. M.R. Baig
Address MW King Embroidery 
P.O.Box. 1521
Sialkot - 51310.
Phone +92(52) 4604647
Cell +92(300) 6127996
Fax +92(52) 4604746
E-Mail info@mwkingembroidery.com, mwking@skt.comsats.net.pk
Web site www.mwkingembroidery.com
Products Line Blazer Badges, Cap Badges, Wing Badges, Squardons Badges, Scourt Badges, PVC Badges , Machine Embroidered Badges, Family Crests (Coat of Arms), German Headgear , German Uniforms, Rank Collar Tabs, German Insignias, Rank Arm Bands, Rank Shoulder Boards, Rank Matel Badges & Cap sets, Pips & Metal LAH/GD , Bannerett, Masonic Aprons, Hand Made Flags, Machine Sewn Flags, Pennants, Printed Flags, Field Gear Equipment, German Visor cords, Belts Buckles & Leather Equipment, Bevo Cuff Titles, Officer Cuff Titles, Tactical Gloves , Tactical Vest, Uniforms & Caps, Shoulder Boards & Sword knot, Emblems & Collar Tabs, Boot and Belt, WW2 US Uniforms, Peak Caps & Berets,Helmet Covers, Bevo Breast Eagle, Bevo Collar Tabs, Leather coat & Caps, Military Gloves, Military Boots, Fashion Boots, Miscellaneous, BAND TUNIC/JACKET, TROUSERS, PEAKED CAPS, FEATHER HACKLE PLUM, WAIST BELTS, DRUM BELTS, BUCKLES, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Aiguillettes, Braid Stress Cords, Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Slides, Shoulders & Eppulates, Metal Badges, Uniform Buttons and Caps, Strip Ties, Silk Ties, Woven Ties, Sword Knots, Key Rings with Custom Logo, Tassels, Epaulettes,
Production Capacity 12,500 Pieces Per Month
Bank Details Bank Alfalah
Affiliations Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sialkot
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